The double chin

The double chin, caused by a build-up of fat in the back of the chin, is a physical reality, which affects both women and men alike. Hereditary or genetic predispositions cause the double chin, just like gravity, aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancies. The submental fullness is caused by a relaxation of the muscles and tissues as well as an accumulation of fat in the chin area.

It is impossible to build muscles in this area which is resistant to exercises and significant weight loss. In the past, to correct the situation and create a rejuvenating effect, only liposuction and chin surgery were possible. Fortunately, we now offer appealing nonsurgical treatments. Certain technologies melt away the fat, and this, permanently. Without requiring any touch-ups, the patient can say goodbye to his/her double chin. During the assessment, your doctor will be able to look at the position of your chin, the presence of fat, the excess skin and the state of your muscles in order to recommend the appropriate treatment for you.


CoolSculpting® reshapes the silhouette by permanently eliminating fat cells with controlled cooling procedure.

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Belkyra is a nonsurgical treatment created to eliminate submental fat and reduce the appearance of the double chin.

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