Nonsurgical nose job

Nonsurgical procedure to correct the appearance of slight imperfections of the nose with the injections of filling agents.

You wish to improve the aesthetic appearance of your nose, but you fear the actual surgery? There is another option available, which allows you to change the appearance of the nose without surgery! Whether it’s to correct a bump, an asymmetry, a trumpet-shaped nose, a drooping nasal tip or even to align the face, a nonsurgical nose job provides immediate results without the disadvantages of surgery. It is obtained with the filling agents, used in the medical aesthetic field to improve small defects related to the lack of volume. This type of nonsurgical procedure is used to treat minor aesthetic imperfections of the nose.

A nonsurgical nose job is a technique created for individuals who want to change certain features of the nose and avoid hospitalization, general anaesthesia or a recovery period. To fill the smaller parts, the professional proceeds with the microinjections of filling agents. Those used at the clinic are created with a hyaluronic acid base, a derivative of sugar already present in the body, making the fillers very natural. Their effects last 12 to 18 months, following which maintenance treatments are required.


Less painful and less expensive than surgery, a nonsurgical nose job is an available solution to correct imperfections and to work the shape of the nose by injections. This treatment is provided in less than an hour at our clinic.

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