Hair loss

Perte capilaire

The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, better known as baldness. Baldness occurs in men by a progressive loss of hair on the top of the head or on the hairline near the top of the forehead. Although more common in men, in women, it causes more of a thinning of the hair. Several factors are linked to hair loss. Among the most common, there is the link with hormone levels, both in men (because of a high concentration of testosterone) and in women (because of a decrease in oestrogen); genetics, which will affect the embryonic (or developing) stage, depending on whether one or both parents suffering from baldness; intense stress, for example an emotional shock, being overworked, regular stress and fatigue experienced over a long period of time; nutritional deficiencies; the side effects of certain medications; as well as malformations and scalp issues.

The hair loss can be temporary (often hormonal in nature), sustainable and diffuse (mainly related to a medical condition), or even traction (caused by certain hairstyles like buns or hair extensions). Although the physical consequences of alopecia are primarily cosmetic in nature, the fact remains that they can cause emotional and self-esteem repercussions. During the consultation, your doctor will inform you about oral and local treatments as well as other procedures which are perfect for those who have a loss of hair density.

Possible treatments