Facial hair removal

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Over time, the texture of the hair may change and for many different reasons may become a problem. In women who suffer from hirsutism, hyperpilosity can affect the upper lip, chin, eyebrow(s), and temples, and is caused by an abnormally high rate of male hormones, known as androgens, in the body. Although hirsutism is often caused by genetics and ethnicity, it can also be caused by an ovarian dysfunction, being overweight, irregular menstrual cycles, oily skin, acne, or more overdeveloped muscles.

Getting rid of unwanted facial hairs for aesthetic or medical reasons is now possible. Unwanted hairs are gently and painlessly removed. Laser hair removal is the preferred technology; it is effective, quicker and less painful than electrolysis or electrocoagulation. All skin types—from pale to dark—can be treated in the winter as well as in the summer months, with no restrictions. For example, in California, people receive laser treatments 12 months of the year. However, it is important to apply sufficient sunscreen throughout the year. During the consultation, in addition to providing you with the appropriate treatment recommendation, your doctor may also prescribe medication for any medical or hormonal condition, need be.

Possible treatments

ND YAG Laser (CoolGlide)

CoolGlide® removes hair permanently and painlessly from women and men’s bodies of all skin types and hair colour.

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Laser Forever Bare BBL

The Forever Bare BBL™ pulsed light technology eliminates hairs indefinitely, without any pain, for both men and wom…

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