Clogged pores

Traitements pores

Our skin is covered with tiny holes from which hair grows and where sebum appears; we call them “pores”. On healthy skin, these pores are so tiny that it is impossible to see them with the naked eye. However, when the pores expand, they are known to widen. The enlargement of the pores is hereditary or is caused by oily skin, the effects of the sun or poor skin care.

On oily skin, the pores can either become clogged or widen due to the excessive production of sebum. Dead cells and sebum sometimes accumulate inside or around the pores which can cause them to become enlarged and may appear as blackheads. This is common when the proper skin care regimen is not adapted to one’s skin type, for example, by using creams that are too oily or thick, irritating ingredients or overly concentrated cleansers. To prevent clogged large pores, there are several possible solutions available, including cosmeceutical products, the chemical peel and the Laser Genesis. During the consultation, your doctor will advise you on the appropriate treatment based on your skin type. You may be advised to get a peel prior to the laser treatment.

Possible treatments

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Glycolic acid peel

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