Body contouring

Remodelage corporel

Keeping track of your diet and exercising regularly are great ways to stay healthy. Despite your efforts, you notice that certain parts of your body retain fat. This is due to a genetic predisposition. Thanks to new and sophisticated technologies, it is now possible to shape the silhouette and to get rid of its roundedness, including “love handles”, “muffin tops”, “saddlebags” and fatty deposits under the arms as well as the famous double chin.

The fat cells are composed of an envelope and its contents (fats). Several treatments will reduce the size of the envelopes or will empty their fat. Over time, they will fill up again or will go back to their original state. Unlike these treatments, the technologies we use allow you to redefine your body and achieve lasting results. Intended for patients who want a gradual approach, without any scars or a long recovery period, the non-invasive procedures that our doctors will offer you during the consultation can eliminate fats from the body naturally.

Possible treatments


CoolSculpting® reshapes the silhouette by permanently eliminating fat cells with controlled cooling procedure.

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