Acne and scars

Traitements acne

Acne is probably the most common skin issue. Acne usually starts during puberty and will sometimes continue into adulthood. Acne occurs because of the obstruction of hair follicles, the cavity in which the hair originates. According to the skin’s natural exfoliation process, dead cells and sebum come out through the pores of the skin. When they are blocked, comedones and small blackheads or visible whiteheads, the size of a pinhead, form on the epidermis. This type of mild acne, called comedonal acne, is non-inflammatory acne.

When the sebum fails to flow smoothly, it accumulates inside the sebaceous duct, creating an ideal environment for the proliferation of the bacteria living in the follicles, Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnès), since it feeds on sebum. P. acnès then releases enzymes that cause inflammation in the follicle, causing redness, swelling and sometimes a rash on the skin. This type of moderate to severe acne is inflammatory. Red bumps, also called papules, can become pustules or even cysts when the inflammation is more extensive. In cases of extensive inflammation or in cases of a genetic predisposition, acne scars may appear. Only a doctor can prescribe a topical or oral treatment (antibiotic or Accutane). A doctor may also suggest therapeutic technologies, for example the Limelight laser (IPL) or the Laser Genesis, all depending on the condition of your skin during the consultation.

Possible treatments

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