Laser treatment is used in the medical field for a variety of reasons. It was first used in ophthalmology to treat eye diseases and correct vision disorders, and is used more often today in the medical field. Laser treatment is effective in dermatology for the treatment of couperose, pigment spots and scars. In medical aesthetics, it is used to reduce superficial wrinkles as well as for permanent hair removal. In phlebology, it is used to eliminate certain veins. It is also used in oncology for tumor removal, gynecology, urology, cardiology and neurology, amongst others.

Because the laser focuses on a single point of the skin, the temperature of this specific point then increases. Its radius is actually an amplified light of variable power and can be used continuously or by pulse. Because it is so precise and thin, it is able to reach a single cell, specifically targeting certain tissues without touching any others. To ensure accurate performance, we determine the area to be treated and we select a specific wavelength. All the lasers that we use are approved by Health Canada.

What do we treat?

Process of the treatment

  1. Meeting with our specialist for a consultation (collection of data) and the implementation of the treatment plan according to the areas and conditions to be treated (number of treatments, duration, treatment risks, etc.)
  2. Approval of the treatment by the doctor
  3. First treatment session
  4. Follow-up on the intervention
  5. Subsequent treatment sessions, if applicable