LeBlanc Médecine Esthétique

Le Blanc Médecine Esthétique is the most recent extension of LeBlanc + Savaria private medical clinic, located in Blainville, steps away from the Fontainebleau district. Recognized for its professional and accessible emergency service open every day, evenings and even on the weekends, the medical clinic has become a place of choice in the hearts of its patients because of its medical consultation services, health check-ups for the whole family, women’s medicine, vaccination, business services, orthopedagogy and ADHD assessment, to name just a few. While the clinic’s courtesy and punctuality policy have earned it much recognition, it is the attentive team of doctors, who truly listen to the patients, that distinguish LeBlanc + Savaria Medical Clinic from the others.

Always prepared with an innovative vision and a personalized approach, the clinic extends its services by offering dermatological and aesthetic care, also referred to as “medicoaesthetic care or rejuvenation care”, in order to meet the growing demands of its clientele. Targeting women and men in their early thirties, Le Blanc Médecine Esthétique strives to provide all of its patients with state-of-the-art medico-aesthetic procedures and platforms. All treatment plans are preapproved by one of the medical specialists.


Although we agree that it is impossible to stop time, in most cases, we manage to pause and even turn back the clock by reversing the effects of aging on the body. Generally, our patients experience a significant reduction in body fat, firmer plump skin, and improved pigmented spots; but most importantly, they are overcome with a feeling of happiness and are comfortable with their bodies and appearance in general.

At Le Blanc Médecine Esthétique, our main goal is to rebalance and rejuvenate your body,allowing you to feel in control of your appearance. Our core values of integrity are made possible by our team of qualified physicians and specialists and by the fact that we apply the most recent medical technologies, which are fully approved by Health Canada.