Process of the treatment

Assessment of the patient and his/her health status

In order to determine the type of treatment that is right for you, you need to share with us what your expectations are. Costs, frequency, effects, products to use in your routine and follow-up treatments are some of the aspects we will discuss. Our specialist will analyse your facial morphology and will conduct a data-collecting process and will establish a treatment plan. During this first meeting, we will also learn about your health status and we will suggest a time to begin treatments if not the same day. All treatments are authorized by the doctor.


To visualize the affected areas to be treated, the photographs prove to be an excellent support, for you as well as for your doctor. They will eventually serve as a comparison tool in the evolution process of your treatments (before/after).

Procedure plan

The doctor will consider your age, the quality of your skin and your genetics to obtain the most natural effects as possible. Accordingly, the doctor may suggest a combination of treatments to achieve the desired result as well as to benefit from the different non-invasive technologies offered.

The first treatment

The doctor or technician will perform your first treatment. You will be reminded of the care and precautions required to fully benefit from the treatment. For most treatments, you can resume normal activities right after the procedure. Injectable treatments (neuromodulator, filler, mesotherapy and sclerotherapy) are performed by the doctor. The other treatments are performed by our technician. All procedures that take place at Le Blanc Médecine Esthétique are pre-authorized by the doctors.

Follow-up on the intervention

Following certain treatments, we will follow up to make sure that you respond to the procedure. Should you experience any discomfort following your treatment, you just have to contact us and one of our specialists will take care of you.

Subsequent treatment sessions

If required. Depending on the treatment plan that is offered to you, we will establish a treatment schedule that meets the recommendations for each technology as well as your initial assessment.